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1. Diana Office Block and Adventure Pool
The only condition for obtaining permission to build a high-rise office block on the site of a former swimming pool was to include an amusement public pool in the new plan. The building functional structure is readable from the material selection: stone cladding on the plinth and aluminum on the tower accentuate the structures. The dynamically swung base leads into the courtyard, where two entrance halls are individualized using architectural and color elements. The resolution of the horizontally fine-structured open plaza prepares the way for the increasing verticality of the tower.

2. Pharmacy Marienapotheke
The planners removed all partition walls and arranged the internal fittings that had to be as transparent as possible, so as to provide maximum space for the sales floor. A filigree stairway and partition walls made out of glass make it easy to cost a glance sideways or upward, such as to the gallery level. The modern and urban atmosphere of the showroom area is a delightful contrast to the historic architecture of the old, historical building.

3. Church of Danube City
The building gives an impression of starkness: a hard cube, clad with sheets of black chromium steel plates. But it is only stark at first glance. Against Danube Citys giant skyscrapers, the church and its facade look like a small, precious casket, and the inner facing of birch plywood that covers the walls and ceilings looks like the lining. Inside, the starkness gives way altogether to a light space, which one comes into through an artfully designed entrance. Miniscule, round windows provide atmospheric light, which is as lively as it is peaceful. Heinz Tesars church continues a tradition of forward-looking modern church buildings.

Source: 1000x European Architecture

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European architecture
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