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Great world architecture projects: FRANCE

1. Palace of Justice
A courthouse is a major event in a citys culture of buildings it is simultaneously a functional centre and a symbolic icon of law and order. Prosecution, defense, discussion and judgment should be expressed in its architecture. In Avignon, this is reflected in the separation of law courts from the offices, which among other things, allows for creative natural lighting for the courts. These two major elements are composed into an urban entity, an architectural presence of form and space that gives a coherent identity to an area that has grown haphazardly outside the ramparts of Avignon.

2. Football and Rugby Stadium
Four stands surround the infield, united by the rounded and curved shape of the wood and glass roofing. This completely protects from rain and sun while letting the light filter in by playing through transparencies. Integration into the park is reinforced by the use of wood which will be present in the sheathing. Two wooden string-courses divide the frontage and underline the horizontality of the building. The sheathing plays on more or less narrow rhythms of the horizontal lines which it carries. It hides or reveals the spaces within with various degrees of transparency of the string-courses, of wooden screen-walls, of wooden purlins, of striated glass and transparent glass.

3. House of Innovation
The post-industrial site is found at the centre of Montceau-les-Mines, on the border of the Canal du centre, where a new building is a departure from urban extension of the centre of the city, a laboratory of local mechanical knowledge and the global information revolution. Initiation of the urban structure employs local skill the skin is made of stainable steel panels from the local market. A huge Faraday cage, which is the higher element located behind the long laboratory building, connects activity with the older part of the ensemble.

Source: 1000x European Architecture

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European architecture
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