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Great world architecture projects: GERMANY

1. Municipal Hall
The Municipal Hall was provided with a versatile and multi-use entrance foyer, whose center with a 14-metre high airspace is the focal point of the design. From two main stairways the observers view is guided to a larger-than-life screen. The integration of a rare projection technology and the semi-transparent surface makes it possible to see the streams of people moving behind the screen. A giant, vivid cylinder grips the room over the gastronomy unit in the southern part of the foyer. The deliberately reserved use of materials helps provide an even-related decor through the accentuation of light effects.

2. University and Regional Library
Located in the backyard of the University, the project has been designed as a public atrium and thoroughfare to take on the role of connecting hinge and meeting place within the heterogeneous assemblage of buildings around it. The ground differentiates to intuitively guide passers-by towards and through the building. It introduces the existing height difference of 3 meters into the sectional organization, creating two wings at half levels to each other with a series of ramps connecting them and spiraling upwards as a helix. This promenade around a vertical void promotes openness and fluid connections between the various parts of the library.

3. AWD-Arena
The most recent conversion has transformed this multifunctional arena into a dedicated soccer stadium with a complete grandstands roofing. The season operations were not disturbed by the construction work, which kept the asymmetrical organization of the stadium where opposing tribunes incline at different angles. Two new seating curves manage the transition between them. A complex system of two lattice rings forms the support for the 16,300m2 grandstands covering. This construction has been praised for its aesthetic and technical achievements.

Source: 1000x European Architecture

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