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Great world architecture projects: ITALY

1. Cemetery Extension
The architects work goes beyond the ideas of a mere extension, mingling the pre-existing structure into an image of unity austere, unadorned and discreet at the same time, a true place of memory for a whole community. The extremely accurate use of the beton brut recalls, in a sense, a classical interpretation of modernity. Over the canopy, the impetuous and painful crossing of the martyrdom woods evokes the images of the great history of art, those woods of torches and spears, cross boards and sticks linking sky and earth, human destiny and heavenly design.

2. Mediterranean Biodiversity Center
The ironworks building is a door between the industrial and the natural. The site geomorphology allowed the development of a particular microclimate and rare botanical species. This leg to the choice to leave the ancient building as a ruin and insert in it an independent architecture that achieves three goals: a formal language, a constructive choice and use of natural technologies. New and varied functions include: the ironworks Museum inside the ancient building, and the Mediterranean Biodiversity Museum in a glass box on the top of the ruins which contains rare species and uses a hydrodynamic climate system.

3. Rothoblaas
The rothoblaas office is a large-scale commercial operation specializing in assembling systems and tools for the wood-working industry. Warehouse and commissioning are situated on the ground floor. The aim of the project was to create a compact building with a high level of recognition and a corporate identity of the enterprise. This has lead to a functional, structural shell, provided with a glass envelope. The main building material is wood to show the own products by means of a modern and innovative construction.

Source: 1000x European Architecture

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European architecture
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