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Great world architecture projects: SWITZERLAND

1. New Museum of Fine Arts
The monolithic building will develop dominant factors in its location directly on the lake. The bright building forms a strong contrast to the dark water and a new salient point on the bank and in the city silhouette of Lausanne. The polygonal shape of the building enables arriving museum visitors to enjoy unobstructed views of Lac Leman and the surrounding landscape. The clean geometrical building with a white cast stone front creates a precise connection to the lakefront. The majestic body appears to reach into the water, creating a new identification for Lausanne.

2. New University Policlinic
The large staircases serve as the principal vertical distribution and reference point inside the building, interconnecting public reception areas. Horizontal distribution is accompanied by natural light, and strives to be simple and effective, identifying and enlivening each department by different colors. Transparency of the building opens up all spaces to natural light, but provides necessary privacy. The building layout also took hygiene in consideration as an all-important criterion for a hospital.

3. Wind Tunnel Hall, Sauber Aerodynamik AG
Planning requested a hall with a wind tunnel and testing area, team rooms, a multifunctional room for events and a racing car museum. The entire ground floor is now usable for events and functions. The wind tunnel is on the first floor, as are the team rooms. The wind tunnel is merely set apart by a glass wall, and it can be operated independently from the event area, as the glass wall fulfils the required noise control regulations. To ensure the smooth running of internal workflow, the testing area and team rooms are connected by bridges and walkways.

Source: 1000x European Architecture

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European architecture
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