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1. Serpentine Gallery Pavilion
Grey areas, margins of error, middle ground these ambiguous spaces are enemy territory to architecture, a discipline that demands precision and certainty. But there is, at least, a little patch of parkland in London where some lucky architects can go to play. This is the lawn of the Serpentine Gallery, in Kensington Gardens, where every summer a new pavilion more outlandish than the last briefly blossoms. It started as a delightful seasonal diversion, but after six years the Serpentines pavilion program has become one of the best ideas in the art world. That little patch of lawn is now an architectural test site of global significance.

2. Hairywood
A tower creates a threshold into the new gallery space and offers an escape from the hard surfaces of the Old Street to watch the world go by. The small space at the top, lined with printed timber and upholstery, is like a fragment of private space open to the street. The outside is clad with plywood, laser-cut with patterns of Rapunzels hair allowing dappled light into the interior. Protected behind the tower is a printed deck with benches covered at the rear by a fabric canopy providing a larger seating area outside the gallery.

3. The BFI London IMAX
The construction of the 500-seat movie theater was intended as part of transformation of the South Bank into a lively urban landscape with an open public space. The construction technology was extremely sophisticated, as the site is surrounded by major traffic arteries and sits just 4m above the tube line. For this reason, the entire structure had to be placed on anti-vibration bearings to prevent noise transfer. The full-height glazed gallery serves to provide further acoustic separation, and is the site of an annual art event. The space around the theaters base is transformed into a green oasis.

Source: 1000x European Architecture

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European architecture
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