Architectural projects

Business centers, trade centers

Architecture of business centers, Sofia Manicipal Bank HQS Building, Sofia

Forma-1 Architects
Trade and offices building Trade and offices building, Bankia (offices, reastaurants and others)

Forma-1 Architects
Architecture of business centers Multifunctional business center, Blagoevgrad

Forma-1 Architects and ЕКСА
Architecture of administrative building Administrative building, Russe

Forma-1 Architects
Multifunctional business center, Sofia Multifunctional center, Sofia (center of trade, teaching, sports and culture)

Forma-1 Architects и 'Sdrujeni architecti' ООД
Administrative building and warehouse, Sofia Administrative building and warehouse, Sofia - Flying Cargo Bulgaria

Forma-1 Architects

Forma-1 Architects

'In 1990 we set up Forma-1 as a complex design practice. We work together with a team of highly qualified specialists in building constructions and engineering systems. Forma-1 partnership has a significant number of projects in town-planing, residential and non-residential architecture, interior and exterior design.'

Forma-1 Contacts

Major architect Orlin Yordanov

GSM: (+359) 887 70 95 29

Major architect Rumen Yotov

GSM: (+359) 887 31 79 00

Office: 1606 Sofia, Totleben boulvd 11